YSOT-LED3 Metal Theater Shadowless Examination Operating Light Medical Hot Selling Ceiling Led Light Medical Surgery Operating Lamp

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YSOT-LED3 Metal Theater Shadowless Examination Operating Light Medical Hot Selling Ceiling Led Light Medical Surgery Operating Lamp
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Place of Origin: China
Nombre de la marca: Ysenmed
Model Number: YSOT-LED3
Power Source: Electricity
Warranty: 1 Year
After-sale Service: Online technical support
Material: Metal, Plastic, Steel
Shelf Life: 1years
Quality Certification: ce
Instrument classification: Class II
Safety standard: None
Illuminancy(adjustable): 30,000-160,000Lux
Lamp Bulb Quantity: 39
Bulb Type: German OSRAM LED bulb
Bulb Life (h): ≥80,000h
Color temp (Kelvin): 3700K ~5000K
Colorrenderingindex(Ra): 85~98
Light Beam Depth: 50-180cm
Diameter of Spot (mm): 160-280mm
Consumed power: 40
Best Install Height(m): 2.7-3.1m
Información básica
Place of Origin: China
Nombre de la marca: Ysenmed
Certificación: ce
Model Number: YSOT-LED3
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Shadowless Theatre Exam Operating Light Medical Hot selling ceiling led operating surgery light medical lamp

1. Germany imported OSRAM lamp bulbs.

2. Imported French Lens.

3. Eight edges rotating arm.

4. Each LED can be replaced individually, which guarantees maximum economy.

5. Natural surgical color temperature.

6. The best choice for small and medium sized operation lighting.

Technical Parameters




Lamp Bulb Quantity


Bulb Type

German OSRAM LED bulb

Bulb Life (h)


Color temp (Kelvin)

3700K ~5000K



Light Beam Depth


Diameter of Spot (mm)


Light Adjust Range


Consumed power


Temp Rise (doctor head)

below 1℃

Input Power

AC100-240V 50/60HZ

Best Install Height(m)



1. Ideal cold light effects.

Using the new LED cold light source, ensure energy saving and environmental protection and long service life up to 80,000hours and more.

The temperature increase of surgeon’s head below 1℃. LED do not engender infrared ray and ultraviolet radiation, without the temperature rise and tissue damage caused by halogen shadowless light, also it can accelerate the wound healing after surgery, and without Radiation pollution. With color temperature constant and soft, LED is very close to the sunshine.

2. Excellent shadowless effect

Lamp with the most scientific radian and Multi point light source design, ensure better uniform illuminance. When the lamps are partially occluded, also can achieve perfect shadowless effect.Lamp panel radius of gyration ≥182cm, the lamp can be pulled to vertical floor, convenient to any angle illumination.

3. Excellent deep lighting

It is based on modularize method by Computer Aided Design, focused to irradiating with more beams of LED. It produces the deep lighting which beams more than 1200cm, the illumination of center up to 180,000Lux or more, and offer the color temperature that can be adjusted from 3700K to 5000K which is close to sunshine. Absolutely, it really reflects the color of human tissue and satisfied by all kinds of operating light needs.

4. Advanced control system

The use of liquid crystal display button control, to meet the needs of the medical staff of different patients with the brightness of the operation. It offers illuminance memory function. It does not effect using when a single circuit or one bulb is broken.

5. Universal suspension system

Rotating arm, a new type of alloy material is made of eight edge type. Balanced system using imported arm module, more than 5 group universal joints, every cantilever must has more than 3 joints which can be rotated in 360°. The structure is light, easy to manipulate, accurate positioning, can provide the maximum range of regulation.Equipped with fatigue correcting unit and fix position hand handle device, easy to fix position after long time use.

6. Modern laminar lamp

The thickest part of lamp-chimney is not more than 10cm. The lamp-chimney is made of ABS, The handle on the central of lamp can be detachable, can take high temperature (≤ 134°C) sterilization treatment, easily adjust, flexible fixed.

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